Business Storage

Need a place to store your overflowing stock deliveries? Archive files and office documents getting out of hand? Save money and enjoy expansion — Flexibility without the long-term commitment.

Is space holding you back?

We appreciate that everyone’s storage need is different, please contact us on 01566 770607 for a free business quote. We also have a number of industrial units and warehousing available for rent. Prices on request.

Store at Launceston or, if appropriate, have a container at your business address. With sufficient space and access we can put a container on site.

Launceston Self Storage offers you the opportunity to declutter and release the space you have!

How Can We Help?

  • Have stock deliveries delivered to your container. We can load/unload them for you with our forklift.
  • Archive files and office documents in one of our containers. If you plan to be a long term customer you may wish to discuss shelving and lighting options.
  • Storing your trade tools and materials with us saves space and is more secure than leaving them in a van.
  • Have a container delivered to your site, providing you have sufficient space and access.

How much will fit in a container?

As a rough guide, the contents of a 1 bedroom flat will fit a 10ft container. Anything more will require a 20ft container. To optimise space, pack your boxes so the tops are flat. This will make stacking your boxes safe and easy.

Storing stock?

You can arrange delivery to your container allowing you extra space close at hand without the hassle and expense of finding a new premises or extending your existing one. You will be amazed at the savings you can make!


10′ Container

A 1 bedroom flat. Also great for document archive.

£78 / MONTH

20′ Container

A well packed 3 bedroom house. Excellent for stock delivery.

£132 / MONTH

High Security Padlock

A refundable deposit is required.


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